Shontia Lowe
Ready for Work In-School Director

I am always seeking ways to create connections, exposure, access, and opportunities for our youth, particularly through collaborative efforts and interactions that they may not otherwise have outside of their routine, daily lives.

Prior to VPP, I worked in partnership with the Maryland State Department of Education, in a Baltimore City Public High School, through a non-profit that focuses on equity in education. There I managed and directed the implementation of a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) program that focused on ensuring our students were college and career ready.

I am most interested in the topics of youth development, connecting teens to their careers of choice (whether via college and/or field certifications), nonprofit leadership and management, and systems leadership.

I wouldn’t be here today if not for my strong familial support system and upbringing, my beliefs and value systems, my cadre of longstanding friends, those that came before me, and if not for determination, ambition, perseverance, and a clear vision.

I have always had an interest in cross-cultural experiences and communications, and I enjoy editing, writing, proofreading, etc. I knew I wanted to be an English major going into college. For my second major, after my first semester taking Spanish as a distribution requirement, and after encountering my Spanish Professor who really pushed me to step out of my comfort zone, I fell in love with the language, histories, and with the cultures that are an extension of the language. Cross-cultural communication is one way we can help bridge gaps between different groups of people. I am often asked why’d I learn Spanish? To which I oftentimes counter with, why not? For my graduate studies, I wanted to have a better sense and understanding of how policy formation and education work in the U.S., at the systemic and national levels, resulting in my acquisition of a Master’s in Public Policy.

When I am not working, I enjoy traveling, cross-cultural communications (specifically Spanish), working out outdoors, connecting with those that matter most to me, and trying new and tasty food.