Investment Profile

Asian American Leadership, Empowerment, and Development for Youth and Families

Investment Highlights

Asian American Leadership, Empowerment, and Development for Youth and Families (AALEAD) supports low-income and underserved Asian-Pacific American youth with educational empowerment, identity development, and leadership opportunities through after-school, summer, and mentoring programs.



2002-2006 | $425,000


This investment was a departure for VPP in that this organization was still in the early stages of its development, and we co-invested with the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation.

Through this co-investment, we learned how to best support early-stage, high-potential organizations, and developed a model for future co-investment relationships.

This investment provided funding and non-financial support to help grow and strengthen AALEAD in order to increase its benefit to children, position it for greater sustainability, and prepare it for more significant investment from funders in the future.


AALEAD built a stronger senior management team, board, and more robust measurement system to ensure outcomes accountability and performance. Other noteworthy accomplishments that contributed to improved capacity and increased effectiveness include:

Planning and Focus: Completed business planning in May 2005, facilitated by Monitor Group, resulting in a well-defined expansion plan for growth in new DC and Maryland communities, based on detailed data of regional demographic shifts.

Human Capital – Board and Management: Recruited and integrated deputy director and Director of Development positions. Added six new board members with needed expertise, shifting composition of board from founding board to a board with diverse professional areas of expertise, providing stewardship and governance.

Capitalization/Revenue: Secured recurring source of revenue totaling $200 thousand from local public funding source (OECD) and qualified for an additional continuing source of per-student funding through the Supplemental Education Services program in DC and Maryland. Increased capacity to secure public funding, resulting in $250 thousand for 2005.

Outcomes Assessment: With support and expertise in the form of a co-investment with VPP from the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, AALEAD developed a system of outcomes and performance assessment and management, which was then implemented in all program areas.

Raised Expectations for Talent: Founder Sandy Dang deepened knowledge and understanding of resources and time necessary to recruit and secure leadership talent and increased her ability to work with senior talent like the deputy director and outside consultants.