Chai Lu Bohannan
Associate, Development and Investor Relations

I’m drawn to challenges that require an interdisciplinary approach. In other words, I enjoy solving large-scale problems through a variety of lenses. I dedicated my undergraduate education to environmental studies because it integrates social science, natural science and humanities perspectives on complex environmental issues, such as global warming. Large-scale problem solving is also why I was drawn to VPP.

As part of the development team at VPP, I provide value by being a bridge between the organization and our investors. It is important to me that our donors understand the social return of their support. VPP wouldn’t be able to excel at lengths without our community of investors.

Creative, ambitious and dependable are three words that I would use to describe myself, and these are also words that describe VPP. VPP has a non-traditional model of philanthropy and is willing to experiment, which sets it apart and fuels its creative trait. VPP’s work in collective impact is ambitious and requires both grit and patience to achieve long-lasting outcomes. As for dependability, metrics drive VPP’s decision-making in all facets of our operations, and we remain transparent about our successes and lessons learned. I’m motivated by VPP’s measurable outcomes.

My dad used the phrase “You snooze, you lose” in our family growing up. The saying is short and sweet, but there is value in this philosophy. It’s all about showing up on time and trying your very best whether it is at the office, the gym, or in personal relationships.

An underappreciated skill that I believe is extremely important for social change is the ability to listen intentionally without preconceived notions. Listening well and with a purpose connects VPP to its community, and creates unity within the internal team. This skill has no ceiling and is crucial to VPP’s impact.

If I had an extra hour in the day, I would go to a yoga class. When you are always on the go, it is important to pause, reflect and restore both physically and mentally.