Sterlind Burke
Ready for Work In-School Director

I am someone who has always loved serving children, particularly those who are the under resourced children. Under resourced children doesn’t mean only those who qualify as “in poverty” by the government’s definition. There are many children who are not poor but don’t have the resources, such as material needs with societal/ familial supports, to be successful in school.

I truly believe in the statement: God don’t make no junk. There is no child that is to be thrown away.  That’s what a career in education has taught me.  You absolutely have to see value in every child. Rich, poor, or in between, everybody has value.

I came to work from VPP because the commitment to help children and youth is clear in all of the literature online and evident in the conversations with representatives of VPP.

I moved into the Prince George’s County area in 1975 upon graduating from college. I know some of the struggles we’ve had as a county over the years, but there is so much potential here.  I love Prince George’s County and have chosen to raise and educate my children there.

My family sings. We sing acapella gospel music, and we travel to Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, sometimes the District, so probably one or two weekends a month, I’m off singing somewhere. 

I like singing, I Feel Like Going On.

♪♪ I feel like going on I feel like going on though trials
come on every hand oh I feel like feel like going on ♪♪

Those lyrics give me strength. I know I would find myself, as a Principal, walking through the halls humming that or a couple of other songs that would always lift my spirit or give me solace and balance because education can be a whirlwind at times.

Listening is one of the skills that we are least taught. We are taught how to read. We are taught how to write. We’re even taught to speak.  But we’re not taught how to listen. There’s a Native American saying that I learned in doing my work with Franklin Covey. “Listen with your ears, your eyes, and your heart.” That is the kind of listener I strive to be.